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John Carmark: Quill VR Animations 'More Popular Than Expected' On Oculus Quest

John Carmark: Quill VR Animations 'More Popular Than Expected' On Oculus Quest

John Carmack has made another interesting comment on Twitter today regarding Quill animations on the Oculus Quest. This comes after his revelation last month that he had a version of Minecraft VR running on Quest at one point, but could never get the schedules to align between Facebook and Microsoft to send the game into production.

Animations made in Rift creation tool Quill are frequently highlighted on Oculus TV in Quest, where users can subsequently view the creations using the standalone app Quill Theatre. A new remark from technical VR guide at Facebook John Carmark indicates that this feature is more popular than people might expect.

Writing on Twitter, Carmack said:

The Quillustration support in Oculus TV on Quest has turned out to be more popular than I expected. Quickly constructed scenes with simple animation and full 6DOF exploration have become an interesting new canvas for a lot of talented artists.

The tweet was actually a comment attached with a retweet from Goro Fujita, who tweeted a video of a stunning animation he made in Quill and rendered in Octane. It features a Vulture moving idling with some very nice light effects, as you can see below.

The Vulture animation is just one example of many creations that get featured on the Oculus TV homepage, which can be opened directly in Quill Theatre. Although artwork created in Quill can be viewed in Oculus TV/Quill Theatre on Quest, there is currently no way to create Quill artwork on the standalone headset. The Quill creation tools are still only available for Oculus Rift on PC VR (unless you use Oculus Link).

Quill Theatre was made available on Quest late last year and on Rift S in April. We’ve seen some pretty cool creations come out of the Quill tools, such as this amazing recreation of an iconic scene from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Do you have a favorite Quill creation? Let us know in the comments.

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