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Jim Ryan: Next-Gen VR Is A 'Strategic Opportunity' For PlayStation

Jim Ryan: Next-Gen VR Is A 'Strategic Opportunity' For PlayStation

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan says that the company’s next-generation VR system is a “strategic opportunity”.

Ryan said as such to Japanese publication, Nikkei, in a recent interview, adding that the potential market for VR is “huge”.

“The next generation VR system is a very strategic opportunity for PS,” he said (as translated on Systran). “We launched PSVR in 2016 and have had time to understand the VR experience for years. What I learned from VR is that the potential market is huge. I want to continue to provide a high gaming experience to keep the community entertained.”

Jim Ryan On PSVR’s Future

Sony announced its new VR system for PS5 a few months back, though notably refrained from calling it PSVR 2 at this point in time. The headset, which won’t be launching this year, will feature upgrades to resolution and field of view and will utilize a simplified one-wire connection to the PS5. We’ve seen the controllers, too, which look like a big upgrade from the PlayStation Moves.

Ryan’s comments on PlayStation’s next VR headset being a “strategic opportunity” are in-line with other interesting quotes he’s given in the past few months. He recently told GQ that, going beyond the next headset, Sony sees VR as “something beyond this coming iteration that really could be really big and really important.”

As we wrote in an editorial earlier this month, this suggests Sony is aiming to play a long game with VR that might see its ambitions outgrow the PlayStation brand in the future.

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