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Iron Man VR Launch Trailer Reveals New Villain

Iron Man VR Launch Trailer Reveals New Villain

Here’s one final look at Iron Man VR before launch this week, and it holds a fairly significant reveal.

The new video for the PSVR exclusive reveals that classic Iron Man baddie, The Living Laser, will be appearing in the game. Laser first made his debut over 50 years ago in The Avengers comics but has since troubled Tony Stark countless times. The trailer reveals a brand new design for the character, too.

The Living Laser joins Ghost in trying to take down Iron Man in the new game. We only know a little about the game’s story thus far, but developer Camouflaj assures us that narrative is a huge focus for the adventure. Of course, the trailer shows us lots of the other side of the game; huge explosions, breakneck speeds and high-impact repulsor blasts. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

A series of other developer diaries over the past few weeks have also revealed new features for the game, including weapon crafting and more details on Iron Man VR’s unique flight mechanics. Earlier this week a trophy list also revealed that Iron Man VR is comprised of 12 missions, and Camouflaj says it will take a while for you to see through.

Iron Man VR touches down on July 3rd. If you haven’t picked up a PSVR of your own yet, make sure to check out some of the hardware bundles available for the game. And keep watch tomorrow as we’ll have our full review of the game at 5am PT. You won’t want to miss it!

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