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Upload Event: Intro To VR Painting In San Francisco

Upload Event: Intro To VR Painting In San Francisco

How will digital art change with the evolution of virtual reality? Instructor to cover the basics of Tiltbrush. Tiltbrush is a 3D immersive painting platform by Google. It is used for UX prototyping for VR, item creation for high fidelity, and creating your own VR gallery. In this intro course, we will go over the toolsets, brushes, and color wheel with step-by-step instructions to create your first 3D shape. It will be part instructional with the ability to play with your own VR headset in Tiltbrush. This will be an interactive course where you will able to try out Tiltbrush yourself to create your first VR art piece.

Tiltbrush allows you to…

  • Create new art interactive pieces
  • Export creations as OBJ files for MAYA / Blender
  • Shareyour creations in Tiltbrush gallery
  • Create rapid prototyping for UX design sketches
  • Create clothing and accessories for your High Fidelity avatar

Upload will supply all equipment. Spaces are limited. Event will take place Thursday, August 3 at Upload’s San Francisco offices.

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