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Artist Recreates Iconic 'Into The Spider-Verse' Scene With VR Using Quill

Artist Recreates Iconic 'Into The Spider-Verse' Scene With VR Using Quill

An artist has posted a video showing his recreation of the famous ‘leap of faith’ scene from the 2018 movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The animation recreating the scene was completed using Facebook’s creation tool Quill, available on the Oculus Rift.

The scene in question sees Miles Morales take a leap of faith, as part of his transformation to embrace the responsibilities and powers associated with becoming Spider-Man. The animation is about just under a minute long, with some cutaways to title cards, but remains incredibly impressive.

Speaking about the animation in the YouTube description, the artist behind the recreation, Dan Franke, said:

“This is a scene recreation from my favorite animated movie in recent years: Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse. The environment and character were painted and animated entirely in VR using Quill in about two weeks. This is my most detailed animation so far.”

While you can clearly see the differences in quality between the original scene and the recreation, it’s still an incredibly amazing effort. Franke also revealed that when he has more time, he will create “a series of in depth tutorials explaining the whole process along with many new techniques [he] discovered.”

He also responded to a comment on YouTube asking whether the animation would be viewable in Quill Theatre on Quest, however Franke said it would not be, not only due to legal reasons, but also because the Quest wouldn’t be able to handle such a large and meaty animation.

Quill Theatre only recently launched on the Quest last month, allowing you to view select Quill creations on the Quest platform.

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