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In Death: Unchained Adds Smooth Locomotion On Oculus Quest For Launch

In Death: Unchained Adds Smooth Locomotion On Oculus Quest For Launch

Update: A representative for Superbright let us know that the developer was able to fit in the ‘smooth locomotion’ movement option in time for launch, so it should already be available today. Read or watch our full review of the game here.

Original: A post-launch update will add smooth locomotion options to In Death: Unchained on the Oculus Quest, which is slated to launch on the standalone headset later this week.

In Death is a VR roguelite shooter that released for PC VR in 2018, focused on archery combat in punishingly hard, procedurally generated levels. An updated version of the game, In Death: Unchained, was announced for Oculus Quest and will release on the system later this week with some brand new, exclusive content.

A big part of the game is the teleportation system used for movement, which is integrated into the core archery mechanics of the game – the triggers fire a normal arrow, whereas the A or B buttons will shoot a teleportation arrow. Despite the big focus on this teleportation system, developers Sólfar Studios did also implement a smooth locomotion option into the PC VR version of the game.

However, Unchained is being handled by Superbright, a different studio, and the game was set to ship without a smooth locomotion option on the Quest. After hearing feedback ahead of release, Superbright COO Pawel Kopinski issued a statement on the matter:

Thank you all for raising your concerns and letting us know your thoughts on the lack of free locomotion. We listened to your feedback, and as a team we had a look at a possible solution to this – and we have found one. So in short – free locomotion is coming to In Death: Unchained.

Since the game is already submitted to the Oculus Store and we sent to copies to reviewers, the update with the free locomotion won’t take effect until we release an update. We are working on the update as we speak, and it will be released as soon as possible.

So while the game will only ship with the bow and arrow teleport movement system on Quest, an update should arrive shortly after to satiate your smooth locomotion hopes.

If you’re interested in Unchained, check out some of the big changes in the game going from PC to Quest. You’ll be able to read our review of In Death: Unchained for Oculus Quest this Thursday July 23 at 10am PST.

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