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Immersed Cancels Cheaper 2.5K Visor As 96% Chose The 4K Model

Immersed Cancels Cheaper 2.5K Visor As 96% Chose The 4K Model

Immersed canceled the cheaper 2.5K per eye model of Visor.

Visor was announced in August as an ultra-compact productivity headset with OLED microdisplays, inside-out tracking, HD color passthrough, hand tracking, and eye tracking set to release in 2024 with support for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Immersed says it has a tethered battery pack but can support support a wireless monitor streaming mode, and has integrated inside-out tracking.

Immersed currently offers a free app for Meta Quest, Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4 that shows your PC monitors in VR and lets you spawn entirely virtual extra monitors, for up to 5 monitors in total. Visor is meant to be a dedicated device with streamlined software designed around this use case rather than a generalized headset for an ecosystem of applications. Visor is described by Immersed as a "strategic collaboration" with Qualcomm for the device, Intel for the PC functionality, as well as an "undisclosed AR/VR tech giant" that will be revealed later this year.

Immersed claims the headset is built for "all day" comfort, is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and weighs less than a typical smartphone.

Concept of Visor's software experience.

Two weeks ago Immersed opened "fully refundable deposits" for two models of Visor, one with 2.5K per eye OLED microdisplays (similar to Bigscreen Beyond) for $500 and another with 4K per eye OLED microdisplays (similar to Apple Vision Pro) for $750.

But the startup now says it will no longer build the 2.5K model, as 96% of people opted for the 4K per eye model. According to the company, those who opted for 2.5K will be "emailed a special offer, or are welcome to refund altogether".

Like Bigscreen Beyond, Visor promises to be custom built to match the lens spacing to each buyer's interpupillary distance. Immersed said in its document announcing the pricing plans that, once you scan your face, the deposit will generally no longer be refundable.

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