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Immersed Embraces Free Pricing For Remote Desktop Tools

Immersed Embraces Free Pricing For Remote Desktop Tools

Immersed says its main remote desktop tools on Quest 2 will be free “forever” including 3 virtual monitors for your PC or Mac, the ability to collaborate with up to four others, a virtual webcam, and more.

The app debuted on Quest in 2020 with free options but now the company says many of its most popular features will be free as well. In a post to Medium, Immersed founder Renji Bijoy wrote that the company was moving away from a monthly subscription model “in order to remove any barrier to adoption for users.” A screenshot below from the company’s pricing page points to cryptocurrency-based pricing “for anyone who wants to build spaces in the metaverse.”

Bijoy writes that the company’s strategy for monetization is in “releasing a marketplace in which users can purchase the digital goods” and the new pricing strategy is meant to “shift the mentality of our current user base away from the mere ‘screens in VR’ app that Immersed has historically been, to more of a general ‘productive metaverse’ app that includes computing utility (having your laptops, smartphones, and tablets in VR, regardless of what you’re doing in our metaverse).”

The move comes ahead of the release of Project Cambria — a high-end standalone headset from Meta that may target remote workers. Additional VR headsets are expected from Pico, Apple, and others as well, but we’ll be curious to see the what the next Meta standalone does with the same apps as Quest 2. Might we see the number of hours spent by the average user increase with Cambria compared with Quest 2? Apps like Immersed may be poised to benefit if that’s the case.

“We believe that Cambria launch will be a catalytic event for Immersed,” Bijoy wrote to UploadVR.

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