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"I understand now" Part II - Hands on with Tiltbrush on the Vive

"I understand now" Part II - Hands on with Tiltbrush on the Vive

Tilt Brush. Vive. Virtual reality. How can I even begin to define the magnitude of awesomeness that these words encapsulate?

It’s been almost a full year since my geek-tastic boyfriend submerged himself into the crazy cool world of virtual reality (VR) and, during this time, I too have dabbled in this emerging industry. I should probably clarify that – according to Will – I’ve experienced and demoed a more vast array of products and platforms than many individuals who actually work in VR. Recently, I tried Oculus’ Crescent Bay and was floored. The fascination and awe-inspiring experience was even recorded (“I understand now“). And this past weekend I demoed the Tilt Brush application on the Vive, which again my amused boyfriend had to record.

Me Trying Tiltbrush on the HTC Vive

I’m going to throw this out there right now: hands down (no pun intended), the Tilt Brush demo on the Vive is the best VR experience I’ve tried. While waiting in line, I was huddled with a group excitedly chatting about what was soon to happen. The buzzing commotion surrounding the Vive and what I was about to try out felt all too similar to waiting in line for a roller coaster. Once strapped (and buckled) in, controllers in hand, I was easily able to figure out the palette. From the brush stroke options, I picked leaves in a blue shade and began painting myself into a cool-colored forest scene. Up, down, and literally all around, I painted in every direction beaming green fire onto the floor that I could walk through, spraying glittering stars above me that rained down, and painting a double rainbow that I eventually crawled under. I moved through and under and over and around my colorful creation, marveling in the ability to see every angle and aspect of what I’d just made.

Five minutes ended all too quickly.

I was amazed at what I was seeing and doing, and even more so with how enthralled I was with what little I had experienced and created. With an ear-to-ear grin, I was giggling like a child on Christmas morning. Once my time was up, I immediately thought of a dozen things I could’ve created… a garden to walk through, complete with shady trees and dangling fruits or an outline of myself that I could walk around and examine or dress up. The creatively magical possibilities are endless and this is incredibly thrilling, even to a 25-year-old.

While crab-walking under the starry shower I created during my demo, I couldn’t help but ponder how a child would react to trying the Tilt Brush experience. Imagine the astonishment and giddiness a child may feel of being able to build a virtual city out of painted blocks that they can crawl under and walk around or the look of awe after creating a sun that they can
travel around.

Tilt Brush. Vive. Virtual reality. These words bring to mind exhilarating experiences that have left me speechless and simultaneously wanting to gush about VR to everyone. I’ve tried dozens of demos, talked with many of the industry professionals, and lived with a VR-obsessed individual but the Tilt Brush experience, along with my recent Crescent Bay demo, left me in an elated state of thorough understanding. I get it now. I understand the power and true magic of VR, the infinite applications and uses, and the exciting future that awaits. Do yourself a favor and find a VR meetup nearest you and go and then you too will understand.

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