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Standalone HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Is Just $399 This Week, Wireless Adapter & DAS Discounted

Standalone HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Is Just $399 This Week, Wireless Adapter & DAS Discounted

Looking to upgrade your PC VR headset and already have some SteamVR gear? HTC has a great deal for you.

The company is selling its Cosmos Elite headset for $399 this week only. That’s the base headset that comes with the core device only. The Elite is a variation of the original Vive Cosmos with a front faceplate for SteamVR tracking. The original Cosmos had its own inside-out tracking system, though it’s not as solid as other solutions on the market. The Cosmos Elite, meanwhile, is a good headset that never threatened to drastically change the VR market.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Sale

vive cosmos external tracker on headset

If you want the full Cosmos Elite Kit, which also includes two 1.0 SteamVR base stations and two Vive Wand controllers, that’s $649. For what it’s worth, you could get the standalone Elite, Valve’s own Index Controllers ($279) and two 2.0 base stations ($298) for just under $900. Expensive, yes, but you’d get better controllers and more efficient (if not noticeably improved) base stations.

Also on offer this week is the Vive Pro Full Kit for $900, the eye-tracked Vive Pro Eye full kit for $1,099 and the Eye on its own for $799. All of these deals also include a two-month subscription for HTC’s Games Pass-like service, Viveport Infinity.

Perhaps more interesting is the Vive Wireless Adapter for $199 or the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap for $69. The latter only really works with the original Vive, but it’s long been used by modders to make the excellent Frankenquest mod for Meta Quest 1 and 2.

These deals are live in the US and UK until December 19, so act fast if you’re after a new headset.

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