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HP Teases 'Exciting Announcements' For VR Software Ahead Of Reverb G2 Launch

HP Teases 'Exciting Announcements' For VR Software Ahead Of Reverb G2 Launch

The Reverb G2 might not be the only VR project HP has in the works right now.

During a Microsoft Mixed Reality digital event last week, HP’s Peter Peterson teased that the company may have some “exciting announcements” on the software side of VR soon.

“Myself being a leader of some software teams at HP, we’re not just looking at VR in its current state today,” Peterson said. “We’re really starting to look at what are the other things we can do in VR as somebody is wearing a VR HMD. And so what I’ll just say is we’re looking towards the future and in the near future here. We’ll have some more exciting announcements about some of the new technology that we’re going to be bringing forward and really starting to take advantage of how great of a platform HP Reverb G2 is.”

Peterson didn’t drop any other hints about the nature of the announcement, but we’re intrigued. The Reverb G2 is both a consumer and enterprise-focused headset, so any new software from HP could apply to either type of customer. That said, we wouldn’t expect the company to be making its own games or creative experiences; we’re likely more talking about services and platforms.

Reverb G2 has caught the eye of VR enthusiasts, promising sharp 4K optics and improved design on account of a partnership with Valve. The headset is launching sometime this fall for $599 and pre-orders are open now, so hopefully we’ll hear more about these other announcements in the near future.

Will you be picking up Reverb G2 later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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