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Hope For Haiti Hosts Virtual Fundraising Event In VR This Week

Hope For Haiti Hosts Virtual Fundraising Event In VR This Week

Hope For Haiti is turning to VR for its latest fundraising event.

This Wednesday, October 20, the charity will host a live event on both YouTube and inside a VR app with a unique spin. Built with the help of VR production studio FXG, the app allows visitors to explore a virtual version of one of the charity’s partner schools based in a rural area of the country. Get a look at the experience below.

Inside VR you’ll be able to walk around and interact with different elements as well as meet other attendees. You can see different experiences like raising a flag in the trailer, and the piece will let you go beyond the school to explore wildlife too. There will also be a live presentation from CEO, Skyler Badenoch, and an NFT art gallery based on the theme of ‘Empowering the Next Generation of Haiti’s Leaders’ with works being auctioned off live as well.

The event will look to raise money in light of the recent earthquake that struck the southern region of the country.

Hope for Haiti event

Once the live portion is over, anyone will be able to download the app and explore for themselves. We’ve seen plenty of charities turn to VR to help raise awareness of their cause, but Hope for Haiti is one of the first to build a fully interactive virtual environment.

You can make a donation to the cause over on Eventbrite, though this won’t guarantee a spot in the event itself as space is limited. Hopeful attendees will be granted access “based on their intent to support the organization”, though subsequent events may follow too. The event takes place at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

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