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VR Fitness App HitMotion Launches Demo On App Lab For Quest

VR Fitness App HitMotion Launches Demo On App Lab For Quest

HitMotion: Reloaded, a VR fitness app, now has a demo available on App Lab for Oculus Quest.

The same demo launched a few months ago on SideQuest, receiving positive ratings  and hundreds of downloads, according to the developers at New Technology Walkers. Now available on App Lab, the developers are hoping that more people will be able to try out the game out while they work on future updates and more content.

The ‘demo’ itself is technically just an alpha release for the game, which involves boxing against targets coming from all directions during training sessions. The workouts take place in a boxing ring and unlike other VR fitness games, the targets won’t approach you from a front rail — instead, they will come from all directions in the ring, requiring you to move around the room to dodge attacks and land accurate punches.

The demo currently includes “2 training levels + easy static workout levels. In a blog post, the team said they had “some amazing features [they] are working on, and that will be implemented in the free demo in the upcoming weeks.”

hitmotion reloaded quest app lab

HitMotion: Reloaded joins the VR fitness craze taking over the Quest ecosystem. With an influx of fitness apps like Supernatural, FitXR, VZfit and more, Facebook even ran a marketing campaign targeted at specifically advertising the Quest 2’s capability as fitness device. The genre is still emerging and companies are still learning how to best program a workout in VR — we recently spoke to both Supernatural and FitXR’s Head of Fitness about just that.

HitMotion: Reloaded is available now as a free demo on App Lab for Oculus Quest. Keep an eye out for more updates and content in the near future.

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