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Oculus Exclusive Puzzler 'Hitman GO' Arrives Next Month For Rift And Gear VR

Oculus Exclusive Puzzler 'Hitman GO' Arrives Next Month For Rift And Gear VR

Like Agent 47 himself, the VR version of Hitman GO has been in the shadows for some time now, but it’s finally resurfaced with new details and platforms.

Destructoid confirmed that, alongside the already confirmed Gear VR version, Hitman GO VR will also be coming to the Oculus Rift. Both editions of the stealth puzzle game will share the same release date of May 11, 2016, though the Rift version will cost $10 and the Gear one will be slightly cheaper at $8.

This is going to be another full Oculus exclusive, meaning there’ll be no support for the HTC Vive (unless someone hacks it) nor PlayStation VR or any other VR platforms. Square Enix’s work in VR has been very closely paired with Oculus over the past year. The company got a mention at the 2015 pre-E3 conference, revealed as one of the many Oculus Studios partners. It sounds as if that partnership extends beyond Hitman GO, but we haven’t yet seen any other VR projects from the company. Reportedly, Square Enix once considered adding VR support into the upcoming Final Fantasy XV and even created prototype support for a demo of Final Fantasy XIV Online.

As for Hitman GO itself, the VR version features the same suite of levels that have come before, only now allowing the player greater camera control with support for VR head-tracking. Obviously players are also further immersed with the board game aesthetic coming to life and resembling a real game played out on table top. Some VR exclusive levels would certainly be welcomed, especially with how long it’s taken for the game to actually come out, but nothing’s been confirmed.

We’re not sure how many people will be happy with purchasing potentially their third edition of the game, but hopefully this is just the start of a bigger relationship.

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