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Hand Physics Lab's Experimental Playground Comes To Sidequest

Hand Physics Lab's Experimental Playground Comes To Sidequest

A colorful new playground for controller-free hand tracking is available now on Sidequest.

The Hand Physics Lab from the studio behind SteamVR’s Holoception offers a number of switches and buttons to play with that activate different features. You can play with blocks, force push, color eggs, finger paint, stab things, hold a crowbar and a lot more with the experimental software.

Check out some of the toys to play with in the trailer here:

We also captured some gameplay footage that I embedded below. The state of Oculus Quest hand tracking changes a fair amount with each release of the Quest’s system software. A brightly lit room and clean camera lenses could also have a major effect on tracking quality.

In December Facebook released a hand tracking software development kit for Quest but, at the time of this writing, the company isn’t yet letting games update their store versions to support the input system. That’s likely to change soon, however, with the developers behind games like The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets and Waltz of the Wizard teasing the input system in their Quest titles. May 21, 2020 marks the 1-year anniversary of the Quest going on sale and we expect Facebook to plan some announcements in connection with the occasion.

According to Holonautic’s Dennys Kuhnert, their focus is still the physics-focused Holoception while the Hand Physics Lab is a side project that should get updates with more “crazy” ideas. You can find it now on Sidequest here.

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