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Halo: Combat Evolved Is Getting A VR Fan Remake

Halo: Combat Evolved Is Getting A VR Fan Remake

Halo Recruit may go down as the biggest disappointment in VR this year, but one fan is making up for Microsoft’s shortcomings with a VR remake of the original phenomenon.

In early October we reported that indie developer Nimsony had converted a classic Sonic the Hedgehog level into VR using a run-on-the-spot locomotion system. Now Nimso is working on bringing the original edition of Halo: Combat Evolved into VR too, which should come as great news for anyone let down by the five-minute Recruit experience.

Nimsony is keeping a detailed blog of his work on the project, and this week’s update just hit. You can see him running around one of the series’ classic multiplayer maps, wielding iconic weapons using two Touch controllers. And, yes, that includes using two pistols to fill Grunts with bullet holes. It looks pretty awesome.

There’s plenty of potential for this project, though it would require a heck of a lot of work to bring Halo fully into VR. Imagine playing through this classic campaign, jumping into Warthogs in first-person and tossing frag grenades with our own hands.

Nimsony has a Patreon account if you want to support his work. No word yet on when this fan remake will launch and just how comprehensive it will be, but it’s one we’ll certainly be on the lookout for.

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