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'Gravity Sketch' Launches Limited Beta for Rift and Vive

'Gravity Sketch' Launches Limited Beta for Rift and Vive

Virtual reality has been a hotbed of artistic innovation ever since Google blew our collective minds with Tilt Brush. Since that award-winning product hit the market the field has grown to include Quill, Oculus Medium and a handful of other notable creation programs. Each of these has its own interesting mechanics and artistic sensibilities, and now one more player is entering the game.

Gravity Sketch is one of the newer VR art experiences, but it is already generating a good amount of buzz for the unique work it is able to produce. Tilt Brush, Medium and Quill are sometimes recognizable for their cartoonish graphics, but Gravity Sketch doubles down on realistic visuals and dynamic lighting effects.

Interest in Gravity Sketch may be high, but access so far has been very limited. The company has only made the program available to a very small group of early testers. Now, however, it is finally ready to expand that pool.

According to an email from Gravity Sketch:

“After extensive testing with a small group of amazing VR artists we are at a place where we feel comfortable opening access to the public. We are on-boarding a limited number of users but open to any one with a Vive or Oculus to join here.”

Following that link will put you in the running to join this broader, but still limited beta. Right now, the price for entry is a “donation” with a minimum amount of $25. You can also, eventually, check it out on Steam. In an email, Gravity Sketch explained why it is keeping its beta so limited and why the Steam version is taking longer:

“We are a pretty user driven team, we put the UX as top priority. We got really close to launch and were about to go live on Steam Early Access but there are a few things we feel we just didn’t get right yet. This decision was made on the back of the months of learning we got from our Private beta guys.

We will get a few more people onboard from more of a diverse background to really bullet proof test some of the launch features we have been working to perfect. By staying beta we can regulate how many people we onboard and can have a much closer relationship with the community. We grow the beta team a bit more then close it and do another round of user testing and feedback before Early Access.”

Good luck and happy creating!

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