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Gravity Sketch Comes To Oculus Quest With Rift Cross-Buy

Gravity Sketch Comes To Oculus Quest With Rift Cross-Buy

Art creation software Gravity Sketch is now available on Oculus Quest.

The software supports cross-buy with Oculus Rift so if you buy Gravity Sketch for one headset you can use it with the other. Gravity Sketch sells for around $30 and joins Google’s Tilt Brush as one of the few asset creation applications available on the standalone VR system.

The description for Gravity Sketch on the Oculus Store says it includes a number of creation tools as well as the ability to import images and export objects as .OBJ files. Skilled artists like Danny Bittman are already praising the software’s arrival on Quest.

I recently visited a simulated art gallery in the Museum Of Other Realities using a PC VR headset and found a corner room produced by Bittman with Gravity Sketch. The central piece in the room allowed visitors to teleport, shrink down and walk around inside the artwork. More colorful pieces were arranged around the perimeter of the room. You could either walk up and explore these miniatures as a full size person or shrink yourself down and see the works in the distance through a colorful forest at the center of Bittman’s room. The entire room used so few triangles it might run on an Oculus Quest.

While not quite an end-to-end production relying only on VR specific tools, the use of Gravity Sketch artwork in a multiplayer space like the MOR hints at the kind of future Facebook is working toward with the headset. It is only a matter of time before an artist produces and shows their work entirely on all-in-one VR computers. With Gravity Sketch on Quest, creators are one step closer to making this possible.

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