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Gorilla Tag Has 1 Million Daily & 3 Million Monthly Active Players

Gorilla Tag key art

Gorilla Tag has reached over 1 million daily and three million monthly active players.

Revealed during a fireside chat at AWE 2024, developer Another Axiom confirmed Gorilla Tag has seen over 1 million daily active users, over 3 million monthly active users and over 10 million lifetime players. The studio stated that these users spend "an average of nearly 60 minutes per play session" on the free-to-play VR multiplayer hit.

We also learned more about Gorilla Tag's current revenue, too. Initially launched in early access back in 2021, we previously learned it reached $26 million on App Lab before moving to the main Quest Store in late 2022. During today's fireside chat, Another Axiom revealed that the multiplayer game's revenue is now totaling over $100 million.

Today's news follows Gorilla Tag becoming the first Quest Store game to reach 100k user reviews, now sitting at 115k reviews. Around that same time, Another Axiom later confirmed that it would delist Gorilla Tag on Quest 1, though existing Quest 1 players can continue to "play as usual."

Gorilla Tag is free-to-play on the Meta Quest platform, alongside a paid version on Steam.

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