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Gnomes & Goblins Is Coming To PC VR Headsets On September 23

Gnomes & Goblins Is Coming To PC VR Headsets On September 23

Gnomes & Goblins is launching as a “multi-hour” experience for PC VR headsets later this month, more than four years after its intriguing enchanted VR forest debuted as a free preview.

A new trailer for the project shows off more of the world you’re likely to see in the project created by filmmaker Jon Favreau and director Jake Rowell. G&G is produced in partnership with MWM and Golem Creations four years after startup Wevr partnered with Favreau to debut the short VR project on Steam. Debuting early on as a free VR experience in 2016, lots of PC VR early adopters introduced themselves to the showcase of room-scale movement freedom in a magical forest, and the interactions you can have there with its mysterious inhabitants. G&G resurfaced earlier this year and is now scheduled to launch on September 23 for Steam, Oculus, and Viveport.

A press release announcing the release date promises “magic artifacts, mini-stories and mini-games interweaving adventure and endless exploration as players discover the underlying myth and mysterious goings-on in the enchanted world of G&G….and explore an enchanted forest world where interactions with the realm’s denizens shape the story’s evolution….Encounter goblin inhabitants, become part of their society, and save them from their foe. Freely roam the enchanted forest to discover deeper layers of their mysterious ways and reap the rewards of this magical world.”

Favreau said in a prepared statement: “I’m incredibly happy to see how Wevr has brought my original vision to life in virtual reality. From the earliest days of rough sketches and abstract concepts, Wevr’s entire team committed to fostering the kind of emotional connections that I believe will allow Gnomes & Goblins to occupy a special place in the hearts of players around the world. We worked hard to create the mood and feeling that Gnomes & Goblins is like a virtual theme-park ride, where magic and meaning are waiting around every corner.”

A small portion of G&G is being shown in connection with the 2020 Venice International Film Festival running through September 12.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the finished G&G project looks like later this month and will have impressions for you as soon as we can.

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