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Get $10 Off The New VRGE VR Docking Kit For Rift, Vive And PSVR

Get $10 Off The New VRGE VR Docking Kit For Rift, Vive And PSVR

We’ve all been there; you want to store your VR headset somewhere that looks stylish, civilized and most, importantly, without those darn wires sprawling all over the place. It’d be nice to have a space for your controllers, too, and if it charged them while not in use that would be just dandy. Can’t we dream just a little?

Well VRGE does all of that.

We first wrote about this new VR docking kit all the way back in February but, as of this week, it’s finally available for all to buy. It features a sleek wooden surface with a central divet to place your headet in (with the wires nestled underneath). Two other slots on either side of the device also hold your PlayStation Move, Vive wand, or Oculus Touch controllers, and it will even charge the first two (Touch works with separate batteries). There are specific models for each headset, and you can save a bit of cash on any of them right here.

Simply go to the VRGE site and enter the code UPLOAD at the basket to get $10 off of the kit of your choosing. That makes the Vive and PSVR kits with charges $105 and the Rift kit $85. Still quite a hefty price, then, but you get a professional piece of kit for your money, and not just some strange mannequin head like I’ve got sitting on my desk. Trust me, you don’t want the nightmares it brings.

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