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Free Gazzlers Update Adds Faulty Mods & Daily Challenges

Gazzlers - Update 1.3 artwork

Gazzlers' latest free update introduces new weapons and regular challenges, and it's out now on all major VR platforms.

Developed by Bolt Blaster Games, Gazzlers is an on-rails arcade VR shooter that was initially released this September. Following previous post-launch patches adding a left-handed mode, Quest 3 upgrades and Halloween-themed items, Update 1.3 adds daily and weekly challenges while also expanding your available weapons.

With the three new weapon components, 'Desk Splitter' fires horizontal bullet sprays, 'Bouncy Hunter' uses electrical bolts that bounce off enemies, while 'Timey Wimey' buffs your ammo clip with a well-timed reload. A new 'Faulty Mods' category also provides a stat increase at the expense of your HP. The patch notes also detail bug fixes, balancing adjustments and more.

Gazzlers is out now on the Meta Quest platform, Steam and Pico with a 40% discount until November 28. The game is also available on PSVR 2, though Bolt Blaster Games informed us that the 40% offer isn't available on that platform.

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