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Gambit Is A 4 Player Co-Op Shooter From The Developers Of Zero Caliber

Gambit Is A 4 Player Co-Op Shooter From The Developers Of Zero Caliber

Looking for your next VR co-op shooter? Gambit might have you covered.

Announced this month with the brief teaser trailer below, Gambit is the new shooter from XREAL Games, the team behind A-Tech Cybernetic and Zero Caliber VR, developed in partnership with 2ndGig. Alongside the teaser, there’s some poster art revealing the game’s playable characters, too.

Gambit features a full campaign for anywhere between one to four players. Cast as a gang of mercenaries on the run after botching a recent job, you’ll blast your way through nine areas separated into three different levels in a ‘pre-apocalyptic’ world (as in, everything is about to turn to crap).


The poster shows each character holding different types of weapons, so perhaps we can expect some class-based systems. If Gambit manages to replicate the addictive co-op gameplay of titles like Left 4 Dead, then it could have real staying power within the VR community. The game will also feature a competitive multiplayer mode to boot. More details, including a gameplay reveal, will be arriving later this year. No word on if there could be possible Quest or PSVR versions just yet.

XREAL is behind some solid shooters, so we’ll be looking forward to seeing more from this. A-Tech Cybernetic may have aged by today’s standards, but Zero Caliber offers fun multiplayer action. Let’s hope the team builds on that with this latest project.

Gambit is due for launch on PC VR headsets sometime next year. Looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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