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Full SteamVR Update Integrates Oculus Dash And More

Full SteamVR Update Integrates Oculus Dash And More

Valve has gathered its latest round of SteamVR beta updates into one big official release for everyone, adding some key new features to the platform. The full changelog is too extensive to go over everything, but there are some big highlights.

The most noteworthy addition here is support for the new Oculus Dash user-interface, which was introduced via a beta update a few months ago (not long after Dash itself launched). It allows users to summon the Dash menu from within SteamVR when using an Oculus Rift headset, allowing the dashboard to render on top of the current world players are in rather than transporting them to a white room as it had previously done. Developers will need to update to the latest OpenVR SDK to get the most out of this feature, though.

Elsewhere the update is largely concerned with bug fixes and performance improvements across the various headsets and platforms. Perhaps the most appreciated feature is a new system that recovers from when a virtual world appears tilted. This can take a few minutes to sort but at least it won’t mean you have to restart your setup all over again.

Be aware, though, that some user comments point towards the update stopping the Rift working with SteamVR at this point in time. No word yet from Valve as to if a fix is on the way.

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