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Frontier "Looking Into" PS VR Support For PS4 Version of Elite: Dangerous

Frontier "Looking Into" PS VR Support For PS4 Version of Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Games’ Elite: Dangerous [Review: 8/10] remains one of the biggest and deepest games to support VR, and we could well see it on another headset in the near future.

After a lot of speculation and a release on Xbox One, Frontier has finally confirmed that its sci-fi epic will be coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2017. Company founder and CEO, David Braben, confirmed as much on the PlayStation Blog, along with revealing a new trailer that you can see below. Everything released for the game so far, including the recent Horizons expansion, will be making its way to the console, and it will also support PS4 Pro and special DualShock 4 features.

But, let’s face it, you’re here to read about PlayStation VR support.

Elite already supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on PC, but today’s announcement makes no mention of integration with Sony’s headset. We reached out to Frontier to find out more. PR and Communications Manager Michael Gapper simply told us: “We’re looking into it but we have nothing to announce for launch.”

While it’s not the confirmation we were hoping for, it’s nice to know PS VR support hasn’t been ruled out right now. You might wonder why integration wouldn’t be included, but the simple truth is that the PS4 isn’t as powerful as the PCs that can run the Rift or Vive, and adding the strains of VR support on top of an already demanding game like Elite might prove too much for the console. We certainly hope we’re wrong, of course.

We reviewed Elite back at the launch of the Oculus Rift in March. “It’s the kind of game that makes you feel like the champion of the galaxy for landing your ship correctly and a few hours later has you blasting across the stars to track down your latest bounty,” David Jagneux wrote. “With the right cockpit and HOTAS setup, it can quickly become one of the most immersive and accurate implementations of VR to date.”

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