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Firewall Zero Hour Kicks Off 7th Season With Operation: Rubicon

Firewall Zero Hour Kicks Off 7th Season With Operation: Rubicon

PSVR’s exclusive team-based multiplayer shooter Firewall Zero Hour is launching its 7th season this week.

The game from First Contact Entertainment is kicking off its 7th season with Operation: Rubicon on July 13th. The update comes nearly three years after launch and doesn’t include new maps or contractors, but it does add more than two dozen new cosmetic rewards to unlock. That includes new trinkets, face paints and skins, and the legendary weapon skin Gilded Sten will be available to passholders who complete all 24 missions in Operation: Rubicon and spend 250,000 in-game Crypto.

Firewall Zero Hour

There are some free mission rewards as well but the Rubicon Op Pass sells starting at $3.99 with 1 Hack Key included to immediately compete a mission and get its reward. Prices increase from there for more keys to jump past more missions and get the rewards. Keys leftover from last season are usable for Operation: Rubicon as well.

Firewall Zero Hour launched in August 2018, but we waited to review it until last year and gave it a 9/10 for its satisfying gun mechanics and excellent team-based gameplay. The game is also a showpiece for the PlayStation VR Aim Controller and features faster loading times and improved visual fidelity on PS5. We’re very excited to see it realized one day on the next-generation PlayStation VR headset, though there’s been nothing officially announced on that front yet.

Will you be playing Firewall Zero Hero’s latest missions? Let us know in the comments below.

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