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Firewall Ultra Reveals PvE Mode Details Ahead Of Launch Next Week

Firewall Ultra Reveals PvE Mode Details Ahead Of Launch Next Week

A new post on the PlayStation blog revealed details of Exfil, the PvE mode available in Firewall Ultra at launch.

Exfil (short for Exfiltration) will see up to four players team up to gain access to three laptops spread dynamically across maps. They'll be facing off against AI enemies patrolling the area, forcing players to choose between splitting off from each other or sticking together as a group.

Every single one of the game's maps will be available in both PvE and PvP. The development team has "designed each map to accommodate [both] game modes so you're always uncovering new pathways through levels and finding great flanking spots to take out enemies."

You can read more specifics about what to expect in Exfil over on the PlayStation blog.

These new PvE details come ahead of the game's launch exclusively on PSVR 2 next week on August 24. Developed by First Contact Entertainment, the 4v4 tactical online shooter is a sequel to Firewall Zero Hour, available on the original PSVR system.

Last month, First Contact revealed a new gameplay trailer and hinted at post-launch updates, including 'Ultra Mode' that adds manual gun reloads.

We went hands-on with Ultra back in April – you can read our impressions below. Keep an eye out for our review in the days following launch. First Contact confirmed that no one will get access to the game ahead of global launch, so we'll have something up as soon as we can in the days following release.

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