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Falcon Northwest Adds Sleek New Oculus Ready PCs

Falcon Northwest Adds Sleek New Oculus Ready PCs

Oculus VR’s Oculus Ready PC program is designed to make VR accessible with a wide range of powerful PCs. Today, that range is getting just a bit bigger.

Falcon Northwest is joining Alienware, Asus and Dell as part of the program. The company is offering two rigs that both exceed the recommended requirements for running the Oculus Rift. The first of these is the Falcon Tiki Desktop. The $2,699 rig features an Intel Core i7-6700K CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4GB GPU. There’s also 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 1TB of SSD storage.

The most expensive option is the $3,099 Falcon Talon Desktop. For the extra money you’ll get the same CPU but an NVIDIA GeFore GTX 980 Ti 6GB GPU and 32GB DDR4 memory. Storage consists of 4TB HDD and 512GB PCI Express SSD. Both machines easily surpass what’s needed for the Rift, which is recommended to be at least a GTX 970/AMD 290 graphics card and a fourth generation Intel i5 CPU.

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Each rig has gone on sale today but it doesn’t appear that either is set to be bundled with the Oculus Rift itself as the first Oculus Ready PCs were. Those bundles are still available for other machines, however, and can be purchased through other retailers including Amazon, the Microsoft Store and Best Buy.

Here’s a shot of many of the Oculus Ready machines available from different manufacturers:oculus ready pcsIn a blog post from Oculus VR itself the company noted that it actually used Falcon PCs to build the Oculus platform, and even chosen the Tiki line to demo early versions of the Oculus Rift. The company also teased that it has more partners to add to the program “in the coming weeks”, but didn’t offer any confirmation as to who these could be. HTC, meanwhile, also partnered with Alienware for its own VR Ready PCs along with both HP and MSI. The latter two are yet to partner with Oculus.

Disclosure: UploadVR has a partnership with Falcon Northwest, which provides PCs for the VR rooms at the Upload Collective offices in San Francisco, California.


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