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Report: Facebook's Ray-Ban Glasses May Have Leaked

Report: Facebook's Ray-Ban Glasses May Have Leaked

The upcoming smartglasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban may have leaked ahead of their official reveal today.

Twitter leakster Evleaks just posted a series of pictures that may reveal four different designs for the glasses. Each essentially looks like a pair of normal Ray-Ban glasses with cameras in the top corners of the rims. The temples also look a little thicker than some other Ray-Ban models, no doubt due to the internal batteries and circuitry the glasses are housing. There’s also a button on top of the right temple.

Facebook Ray-Ban Leak?

Other shots appear to reveal what you’ll get with the glasses, including a case. Plus there are boxes that might reveal the names of the models. One’s called Wayfarer, one is Meteor and another is Round, and they all seem to be under the name of ‘Ray-Ban Stories’.

There’s no confirmation that these pictures are legitimate, though, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. We’ll hopefully have a clearer picture of exactly what the glasses are later today.

What we’re not expecting, though, is for the glasses to have any real AR features. Earlier this week Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth teased the point-of-view recording feature but, aside from that, we really don’t know much about the kit. We’ll bring you more news when Facebook and Ray-Ban reveal whatever it is they have in-store later today.

What do you make of this potential Facebook/Ray-Ban leak? Are you interested in the glasses at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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