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Facebook Employees Can Use Some Android Apps On Quest

Facebook Employees Can Use Some Android Apps On Quest

In late April, we reported that Facebook allowed its employees to reimburse the purchase of an Oculus Quest 2 as part of a wellness budget.

But it appears that employees also get access to some exclusive features, even if they don’t work at the VR arm of the social network giant.

That is according to Dan Grover, a product manager on ads and the business platform at the company. Yesterday Grover tweeted that he had reimbursed a Quest himself, and the headset had “flagged” him as an employee, presumably via his Facebook account. As a result, Grover gets access to “an internal app store with stuff like Quip/Google Docs”.

Grover didn’t explicitly state as much, but it’s very likely that these are the usual versions of these Android apps presented on a 2D virtual window rather than full, natively-designed VR experiences.

Last month we reported on what looked like leaked screenshots of a Quest user accessing Android apps in the home menu. It’s very possible that these images — if real — came from a user with the same access as Grover. Facebook itself hasn’t announced any plans to bring standard Android apps to Quest at this point in time.

If Quest were to get Android apps, though, it would be a big boost to the platform’s Infinite Office concept, which pools together a range of different features to turn the headset into a virtual office tool. We have a guide on getting those features up and running right here.

Do you want to see Android apps on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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