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Espire 1 Adds New Weapons, Challenges, Improved Load Times In Upcoming Update

Enjoyable VR sneaker Espire 1: VR Operative is soon to get its next big update with plenty to talk about.

Next week on May 5, PC VR and Oculus Quest players will be able to download the Assimilation Update. Headlining the patch is the addition of 14 new challenges, which include some new weapons to sample, too. Challenges include new combat and traversal-based trials as well as four new Intel ops, where you’ll have to gather documents and data before reaching an extraction point. One of these challenges, Copperhead Output, will be the game’s biggest to date.

But many of you will no doubt be interested to hear what performance improvements Update 1.6 brings to Espire 1. First up, developer Digital Lode says load times have been dramatically reduced, going from 28 seconds in some cases to an average of just 4. The team has also done a pass on various other aspects of the game, like handling weapons, lighting and just general campaign tweaks, so expect to see improvements there.

Elsewhere 1.6 introduces a new onboarding sequence for the first mission to help you get to grips with the game. Plus Digital Lode has added in the ability to remove auto-vaulting when climbing walls among other tweaks.

It’s great to see Epsire 1 getting long-term post-launch support. We were really impressed with the game when we played it for review, but others have encountered a range of technical bugs that brought the experience down for them. Hopefully with these continued updates, the game gets up to snuff for everyone.

That said, while the update for the game will be going live on PC VR and Oculus Quest headsets next week, Digital Lode says it will hit PSVR at a later date. The console edition of the game is thought to be the most technically challenged so we’ll definitely want to see how update 1.6 shapes up there.

Will you be checking out this Espire 1 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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