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Early VR Horror Game Dreadhalls Arrives On Steam

Early VR Horror Game Dreadhalls Arrives On Steam

Dreadhalls is one of the first VR horror games made for the VR headsets which emerged with the rise of Oculus, and now the game is finally on Steam.

Dreadhalls sees players navigating a maze of long dark corridors in search of an exit, with terrifying creatures waiting in various rooms. It generates new maps each time you play so you’ll never experience the exact same game twice. The game arrived today on Steam for $10, with a temporary discount lowering the price a bit at launch. Dreadhalls works with hand-tracked motion controls and this release represents the first time Vive owners can try it out officially. Locomotion is “similar to how it was in the Rift except that the movement is now directed by the orientation of the left controller,” wrote creator Sergio Hidalgo in an email. You can also use a keyboard/mouse or a gamepad to control the game too.

Dreadhalls got its start as a VR game jam entry in 2013, before any consumer headsets were available and long before Facebook acquired Oculus. The game made its official debut on Gear VR in 2015 and rolled out on Rift last year.

Hidalgo said he might still port the game to other platforms, but that “as of now I’m going to be investing the majority of my time working on new projects.”

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