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Dyschronia Highlights Japan’s Contributions To VR

The new trailer for Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate Episode II first premiered in The UploadVR Showcase – Winter 2022, you can watch it here.

There’s a fairly large divide between western VR markets and Japan, but studio MyDearest is working to change that.

MyDearest is the studio behind ALTDEUS and Tokyo Chronos as well as Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate, a game spanning across 3 chapters that sees you play as Hal Scion, an investigator that can rewrite the past and must use this ability to solve a seemingly impossible crime. With 92 percent of reviewers on the Quest store rating it five stars, the project’s reception points to a demand for its anime style and themes. 

Dyschronia’s second chapter, aka Episode II “The Eleventh Hour”, was released for Quest earlier this month and you can check out the trailer here:

Dyschronia is set 200 years after the fall of civilization and Scion is a special supervisor that has a unique past manipulation spell called retrodiction allowing him to change the past in order to solve the mysteries of the future. With the help of your support robot known as Lily, players also solve crimes via augmented dreaming – a process that shows you two versions of the same area. By switching between reality and dreaming, you see two sides of the same coin and may uncover truths not clear in one version of the city. Lily tries to ensure your safety while you discover what happened to Professor Albert Rumford in a city that has a supposed crime rate of 0.001%.

MyDearest recently announced that Dyschronia will also be a launch title for PSVR 2 when it releases on February 22nd, 2023, giving more players the chance to experience this sci-fi adventure.


Episode III is planned for release later in 2023.

Watch out for updates from MyDearest by following them on Twitter @dyschronia_en or @chronos_ser, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and Discord.


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