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Discover Green Hell VR’s New Free Expansion: the Spirits of Amazonia

Discover Green Hell VR’s New Free Expansion: the Spirits of Amazonia

This post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with Incuvo as part of their UVRSW23 Sponsorship.

Curious about the latest add-on for Green Hell VR? Want to taste what the jungle has in store for you? Learn more about the free Spirits of Amazonia expansion below, and jump into a survival adventure like no other. If you don't know what to spend those Christmas gift cards on, Green Hell VR is 35% off over on the PlayStation Store until January 5th!

Green Hell survivors: grab your trusty stopwatch, backpack, and survival guide, and jump back into the boots of the famous anthropologist Jake Higgins as you explore the impenetrable Amazon rainforest. The new free expansion, Spirits of Amazonia: Part 1, from Incuvo makes its mark on Meta Quest and PSVR2 stores with this new prequel to the Green Hell franchise.

 In order to be successful in this open-world virtual reality survival game, players must befriend the native Mu’agi tribe and its Chief. To gain their trust, players will explore their surroundings, follow clues, and complete challenges that assist the tribe members and provide supplies for the village. Along the way, players will learn essential facts and lore about local legends in the area.

In true survival game fashion, players are expected to craft tools with whatever they can find in the wild and build a shelter that will protect against predators. Hunting and combat are of utmost importance for maintaining high health and an ample food supply. 

The Spirits of Amazonia expansion offers an additional 10-15 hours of new gameplay and boasts an in-game area that is double the size of the base game. Players can immerse themselves in new activities involving the Mu’agi, as well as discover new native villages and customs. What remains the same, however, is that natural skill and wit will be the only thing that gets you through the unforgiving terrain. 

Want to know more about Green Hell VR and the mysterious challenges ahead? Follow along on X, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Don’t forget to join the official Discord and be the first to know about upcoming news, including the recently-announced coop mode set for sometime in 2024. 

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