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Dig VR Unearths New Gameplay Trailer On Quest

Dig VR Unearths New Gameplay Trailer On Quest

DIG VR, the upcoming power digging sim for Quest, revealed some key features in a new gameplay trailer.

Previously announced in April, DIG VR tasks you with excavating different locations across Diglington, starting with a mini-digger and various attachments before unlocking more. During today's UploadVR Summer Showcase, Just Add Water and Wired Productions revealed more gameplay details through a new 'Features Unearthed' trailer.

Offering a choice between more "authentic" full motion controls and a simplified control scheme, Dig VR lets you control four machines of different sizes. Across a full Career Mode with two difficulty modes, you can attach seven different tools to your digger like a bucket, circular saw and more. Mini games like bowling and a sandbox 'Zen' mode are also included.

We had positive impressions in our DIG VR preview during GDC 2024, calling it a pleasant surprise that requires considerable finesse.

DIG VR aims for an authentic control scheme that uses two levers for movement and two sticks for controlling the dipper. Adjusting to these controls took time, though there's pleasing physicality to this approach and I eventually eased into them...  Just Add Water is taking an activity you wouldn't traditionally consider adapting into a game and creating an entertaining lite simulator with enjoyable gameplay depth.

DIG VR arrives this year on the Meta Quest platform.

DIG VR Feels Like PowerWash Simulator For Power Digging
DIG VR feels like PowerWash Simulator for digging, and it’s coming to Quest soon.

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