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Demeo Patch Adds New Enemies And Bug Fixes

Demeo Patch Adds New Enemies And Bug Fixes

Tabletop role-playing game Demeo received an update adding new enemies as developers continue to work on game saves.

The update includes initial support for storing your progression online even if you uninstall the game, but Developer Resolution Games is still working on game saves. So you can’t yet continue an individual run through of a dungeon between play sessions. The studio recently added its second campaign — Realm of the Rat King — for the incredible multiplayer experience we deemed “essential” in our review. It is a social VR masterclass with cross-play from Steam to Oculus Quest and Rift, but it can also be particularly grueling when a multi-hour game session working through a single dungeon falls apart with a couple bad rolls or mistakes. So while you’ll still need to make sure your squad keeps its focus (and takes bathroom breaks before starting a run), with this latest update you could build out a profile on the Quest version of Demeo and then continue it in the Oculus Home version for PC VR.

Resolution Games also said there are two new enemies for the Rat King campaign called Bandit and Thug. You can place a torch on an allied hero as well now and the developers fixed a bug that allowed enemies to shoot through walls, plus some other minor bug fixes.

If you haven’t seen our review of the game yet you can check out the video review below and check back for updates as we follow the game’s ongoing development. According to Resolution Games, the developers are also planning a flat screen version of the game as well that would dramatically expand the reach of the title.

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