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DecaMove Launches Pre-Order Campaign For VR Hip Tracker

DecaMove Launches Pre-Order Campaign For VR Hip Tracker

Back in October, we reported on the reveal of the DecaGear 1, a new SteamVR headset making some big promises. This week, creator Megadodo Simulation Games is launching pre-orders for another product, the DecaMove.

The DecaMove is a small device users attach to their hip. Once synced up with a PC, the company says that DecaMove lets you determine a direction to move in VR via the way your hip is facing, and not through the direction of your head or hands as is common in lots of smooth locomotion titles. In theory this could be quite helpful in a lot of smooth locomotion games. Check out the company’s new promotional video below.

It’s a simple idea with some promise, and Megadodo says it works with ‘most’ SteamVR titles. We’re in the process of putting those claims to the rest – we’re in possession of a DecaMove unit ourselves and are still testing it out. We’ll be bringing you full impressions of the unit in the near future, so just keep that in mind before making any purchasing decisions.

Pre-orders for the device resemble something like a Kickstarter campaign operated by Megadodo itself. The company is looking to secure a dedicated number of orders to carry through this production, starting with an Early Mover tier that offers the DecaMove for the reduced price of $59, shipping in June. The company says the device will then go on general sale in January 2022 for $69.

As for the DecaGear, creator Or Kuntzman says the company will have news on the device very soon. Valve itself verified it had provided technical support to the company when we asked them back in October.

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