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DecaGear VR Headset To Be Shown This Weekend... In VRChat

DecaGear VR Headset To Be Shown This Weekend... In VRChat

You can get a first look at Megadodo Games’ mysterious DecaGear VR headset this weekend. Well, sort of.

The headset will be on show inside VR itself at Vket 6, a Japanese festival that’s hosted inside VRChat. The company will have a booth at the virtual event that will allow people to pick up and explore 3D renders of the device. You won’t, of course, be able to put the headset on and try it for yourself as, y’know, you’re already in VR.

Haven’t heard of Vket? The tweet above explains how to get into the event. Alongside the DecaGear booth, the event will feature live concerts, user-made worlds and other experiences. It kicks off this Saturday, August 14 and then runs on through to August 28. You can stop by any time to check out what’s happening. Here’s a picture of what the DecaGear booth looks like.

DecaGear Booth

The DecaGear was first announced last year, promising a $450 4K SteamVR headset. We still have a lot to learn about the device but Megadodo did at least impress us with its DecaMove peripheral that’s rolling out soon. The kit sits on your hip and determines the direction in which you walk in VR, freeing up your hands and head to no longer have to point in the direction you want to travel.

This might not exactly be the debut you were expecting for the device, but we’re still looking forward to getting our first glimpse, however limited. Will you be heading to Vket 6? Let ys know in the comments below!

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