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Dead Effect 2 VR Finally Moves Out Of Early Access

Dead Effect 2 VR Finally Moves Out Of Early Access

Dead Effect 2’s VR port was something of a surprise hit in Early Access. Developer BadFly Interactive took the time and caution to craft a truly compelling experience worthy of the original game. From this week, though, the game is no longer in Early Access.

Dead Effect 2 VR is now available in full on Steam for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. That means the game’s entire campaign has finally been translated to headsets along with the cooperative and competitive online modes. The game costs $24.99.

In Dead Effect 2 you awaken on spaceship to find much of the crew massacred or turned into zombies. You battle through the ship using weapons you find along the way in a fight for survival, with RPG elements allowing you to upgrade your character. The full version of the game adds a bunch of new weapons like shotguns and miniguns, as well as new mechanics such as melee attacks. There’s also a host of bug fixes to polish up the experience a little.

“If you’re a long-time patron of Dead Effect 2 VR since the game was released in Early Access in June 2017, we can’t thank you enough for helping us reach this crucial moment,” the developer said in a thank you message. “It’s been a long four months of community-driven development, and it truly wouldn’t be the game it is today without all your support, suggestions and ideas through Early Access.”

Elsewhere, BadFly is working on another VR first-person shooter named Tauceti, which is looking hugely promising.

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