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New 5-Part David Attenborough Series Coming To Oculus Quest On October 6

New 5-Part David Attenborough Series Coming To Oculus Quest On October 6

A new 5-part nature series starring David Attenborough is coming to Oculus Quest from October 6, co-produced by Oculus and Alchemy Immersive.

The series, split across five episodes, is called Micro Monsters with David Attenborough and will be available through Oculus TV starting tomorrow. On Quest 2, the series will stream in 8K 3D in 60fps, whereas on the original Quest it will come down to 5K.

Micro Monsters David Attenborough Oculus Quest

As the title suggests, the series will focus on some of nature’s smaller creatures, specifically arthropods such as butterflies, scorpions and the like. While filming, the series used a combination of custom-developed 3D stereoscopic camera rigs, 180 degree footage and VFX compositing to create the final product, created specifically for VR.

Here’s a summary of what to expect:

“Witness a scorpion and a centipede fight to the death; experience the process of an aphid miraculously cloning itself; and an army of green ants building incredible structures. Narrowly avoid the deadly ambush of a Trapdoor spider and become transfixed by the Portia spider’s deadly musical lullaby. Combining spectacular live-action close-ups with the power of computer graphics, watch a caterpillar’s transformation from inside its cocoon and discover a beetle’s secret chemical weapon.”

Micro Monsters David Attenborough Oculus Quest

Here are some more details on each episode as well:

Episode 1 – The Duel at Dawn: Dive into the deadly world of scorpions, as they battle for their pray and a mate.

Episode 2 – The Mighty Makers: Discover the natural world’s ultimate colonizers: ants and aphids.

Episode 3 – The Trap Door: Uncover the secret forms of defense and attack of the Trap Door spider and the Bombardier beetle.

Episode 4 – The Feast and Flight: Discover the miraculous shapeshifting bug that starts life as one creature and ends it as a completely different one.

Episode 5 – The Deadly Lullaby: Join the hypnotic Portia Spider as she prepares her attack on a spider twice her size.

Micro Monsters is available on Oculus Quest from October 6.

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