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Contractors Gets Custom Maps Across PC And Quest

Contractors Gets Custom Maps Across PC And Quest

Exciting news for you operators out there, Caveman Studio’s latest update for Contractors adds some requested patches and a major new feature.

The biggest addition to update Contractors v.0.91 is custom maps. Contractors now allows user generated content across PC and Quest. You can check out their official modkit guide to get started building maps to share with other operators.

The modkit will allow you to modify and upload custom maps but currently it is not possible to mod loadouts and game modes, though this should be supported in an upcoming update. If you would like to see a list of all the available mods, you can find them on the official Contractors website.

A smaller but community-requested addition comes in the form of a new permanent weapon. During the winter update, the frying pan melee weapon was a popular choice, but it was subsequently removed when the event ended. This latest update restores the frying pan. The patch also brings a whole host of fixes, particularly to the Factory map with lighting, textures, 3D models and general issues have all been given some care on this map, giving it a much-needed boost in fidelity. This map had the most changes, but some weapons and other models in the game have been improved including a new helipad for Arctic and a new fog effect available on all maps.

Some other notable changes are:

  • Loadout preset slots have been increased to 5
  • Spectators are now listed on the in-game leaderboard
  • A public only filter has been added for the server list

There have also been some bug fixes for sound and bot difficulties that should have a big impact on quality of life.

Safe to say this is a welcome update for fans of Contractors and we look forward to seeing all of your custom maps!

This is partner content that has been produced in conjunction with Caveman Studio.

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