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Community Download: Does Virtual Reality Live Up To The Hype?

Community Download: Does Virtual Reality Live Up To The Hype?

Welcome back to the Community Download — UploadVR’s Friday afternoon discussion post.

Today we’ll be bringing you some stimulating VR-related discussion topics, a lovely comments section to enjoy down below, and a custom pitchfork sharpening station just in case the one you brought could use some buffing.

Today’s topic is one that has been rattling around my head for a while and I want to now put it to you, our loyal readers: does virtual reality live up to the hype?

Rift vs. Vive

For example, I have seen many of my friends and colleagues receive his or her long awaited headset after a very brief and stress free shipping process (cough, cough) and in that moment it’s Christmas day. They dive into the tech for days, maybe even weeks at a time but after a while they tend to move on to other things.

I stop hearing about how fun Hover Junkers, or Lucky’s Tale is and instead have to endure another thirty minute lecture on why I should be watching Game of Thrones (I’LL GET TO IT EVETNUALLY YEESH), or the best way to control Eevee’s evolution in Pokemon GO (to get Flareon you need to evolve it while listening to a Carrot Top album that’s been set on fire).

Weren’t these things supposed to change our lives, the world, and any and all undiscovered worlds we as a species may one day encounter?

Why then does there seem to be such a stagnation in enthusiasm once people finally get their hands on the object they’ve been coveting for so long?

I don’t have the answer. That’s what makes this a discussion. Fire off in the comments, write on the Facebook post, send me a Raven (Ha! See? I don’t even need to watch it) and let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all.

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