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Combat Criminals In The Burst’s Post-Apocalyptic World

Combat Criminals In The Burst’s Post-Apocalyptic World

This is partner content that has been produced in conjunction with GoRapid Studio.

Sent to a desert prison planet, you know you must keep your guard up. Enemies are hiding at every turn, and they’re not messing around. These aren’t your regular miscreants, either – these are hardcore convicts looking to conquer the planet through a rising rebellion. Eradicate the gang leader controlling the tyranny and her group of misfits in The Burst by GoRapid Studio.

GoRapid Studio was started by some developers who’ve worked on games you might be familiar with.

DAMAG is a colony planet within the deepspace territories of the United Coalition of Earth. In the past, DAMAG was an industry hub, rich in rare amplinium deposits. With time, however, this abundance was why DAMAG fell victim to a conflict and an eventual orbital nuclear bombing, the Burst. Now, the United Coalition of Earth is keeping the colony under control, with convicts working their bones off in the mines for food and supplies.

As a former military member, you understand the use of restraint. But you also know that this isn’t the time to hold back – violence must be fought back with violence. Combine prowess and weaponry to the best of your ability and you might have a chance at redemption.

This high-energy VR shooter will grab your attention immediately and keep your heart racing through each encounter. Players who enjoy moving around will appreciate the intuitive, parkour-style mobility that'll have you running up virtual walls and surfing the rails.

More options become available as you progress through the game, including a grappling hook and a reverse trike named 'Mirage'.

Like any great survival game, scavenging is essential to the success of your overall mission. While you may have a gun, ammo can be scarce, but the environment is interactive. Explore abandoned camps and settlements, and grab anything like crates, random junk, and deserted weapons. Use the simple game mechanic of pull-and-throw to weaken anyone in the path of a successful mission.

It’s not just your brawn that’ll see you through. You’ll need to discover new sublocations between firefights, pull and push objects, and solve puzzles. Despite being a shell of what it once was, this distant post-apocalyptic desert is full of secrets and surprises.

Want to know more about The Burst? Make sure to head over to GoRapid Studio’s YouTube  and Twitter channels and give them a follow, as well as join the Discord server.

Expect The Burst to release on Steam and other platforms in the future, and in the meantime make sure to wishlist it and stay tuned for updates!

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