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A New Children's Book Uses VR And AR To Create Immersive Storytelling

A New Children's Book Uses VR And AR To Create Immersive Storytelling

A new children’s book, The Case of the Missing Cleopatra, aims to combine traditional storytelling methods with mobile AR and VR technologies, giving children new interactive ways to experience the narrative.

The Case of the Missing Cleopatra is a collaboration from Musemio, a London-based educational technology company, and AR Market, an Italy-based AR publisher for children. The book is described as a “fictional investigation that features both AR activated challenges and mobile VR worlds within the context of the book.”

AR Cleopatra game

From the provided screenshots, it looks like kids will be able to use a phone or tablet on certain pages of the book in order to reveal certain interactive content. Similarly, the kit comes with a cardboard VR headset, which kids can use to investigate an Egyptian environment, as pictured below.

case of missing cleopatra book vr

As the name implies, the narrative deals with the disappearance of Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra. The VR and AR elements will further the narrative from the book, allowing the kids to use the AR and VR segments to search for more clues as to how and why Cleopatra disappeared.

The book was released in December last year and costs €29, including both the book itself and a cardboard headset, to be used with mobile phones to experience the VR content. The accompanying app, which is required to run the VR and AR content, is available for free on both Android and iOS.

The book is suitable for children aged 7 and above, and is available to purchase on the AR Market site online.

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