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Upload Student Project Highlight: Cat Fistori's Paper Lantern

Upload Student Project Highlight: Cat Fistori's Paper Lantern

One of our big focuses at Upload is teaching others how to create and develop amazing VR and AR experiences. To that end, we have created a series of XR courses to help turn amateurs and enthusiasts into professionals.

Paper Lantern is a VR project created by Cat Fistori, an Upload student. Cat, who had never worked in virtual reality before, built Paper Lantern using just one line of code after taking a VR development course at Upload’s San Francisco office. To learn more about XR development, head to

Have you ever seen paper lanterns float in the sky? It’s a magical sight as the heat from the candle gently lifts the paper structure, so that it takes to the night skies, delicately lighting a path to the stars. And the experience of seeing the paper lanterns is made more beautiful by their intention—behind each lantern, someone has made a wish as they released the lantern into the sky.

Whether or not you’ve seen the constellations of paper lanterns in real life, Cat Fistori has designed an experience in VR where you can experience it yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about XR development, join us at Upload and not only learn technical skills, but also make connections within the XR community.

Special thanks to Cat for letting us use her project as an example of what you can learn in just a few short sessions.

Here’s the current course schedule:

VR Development Night Course
San Francisco
March 14

VR Development Night Course
Los Angeles
March 15

Come join us in the future today!

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