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Don't Miss Cannes XR, Free This Week In Museum Of Other Realities

Don't Miss Cannes XR, Free This Week In Museum Of Other Realities

The Museum of Other Realities is free to visit until Friday this week as part of the Cannes XR festival, which features a huge selection of artworks and pieces of XR content created across several mediums.

If you’ve never visited the Museum of Other Realities (commonly referred to as the MOR) before, then there’s never been a better time to pay it a visit. Not only is the museum free until this Friday, but there’s a huge display of different XR artworks as part of the Cannes XR festival. The festival itself ran from June 24 to June 26, with some live events taking place. However, the pieces of art selected for the festival are on display until this Friday.

When you enter the museum, you’ll be greeted by a red carpet and some big Cannes XR graphics to mark the event. Heading inside, you’ll find immersive movies, explorable environments, artworks created in Tilt Brush, and much more. With many of the 3D artworks, the Museum lets you teleport inside them and explore them at the intended scale, which is a neat feature.

I spent some time walking around and exploring earlier today, and found some really interesting and creative pieces that could only work in virtual reality. If you’re interested in groundbreaking new forms of art, you’ll want to take a look for yourself.

Be aware though — some of the Cannes XR artworks are additional downloads separate from the base museum, available as DLC on the Steam page. When you add them all up, the download size can be as large as 60GB. If you’ve got a slow connection, you might want to put aside some time to download all the content in full.

The Cannes XR festival is available to view for free in the Museum of Other Realities on Steam until July 3. You can read more about the selected artworks on the Cannes XR site.

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