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bHaptics Launches Pre-Orders For New VR Haptic Vests, Starting At $299

bHaptics Launches Pre-Orders For New VR Haptic Vests, Starting At $299

bHaptics is now taking pre-orders for two new models of its VR haptic feedback vest, the Tactsuit.

The Tactsuit x16 and x40 are both up now for $299 and $499 respectively. Both suits use ERM motors dotted across the vest to deliver haptic feedback when playing select VR content. Take a bullet in Onward, for example, and you’ll feel vibrations in your chest for added immersion.

bHaptics Pre-Orders Go Live

Over the past few months bHaptics has been building a library of content to support its vests across both PC and Oculus Quest. On PC, native integration is included in games like Onward, Crisis VRigade 2 and Sairento VR, while the company also says titles like Half-Life: Alyx, Blade & Sorcery and Skyrim VR are supported via mods.

For Quest, the app is also apparently officially supported in Onward, Sairento, Thrill of the Fight and Apex Construct while SideQuest titles like Let’s Go Chopping and Hyper Dash support it too.

As for the two separate models, there’s a fair bit of difference between them. The more expensive x40, for example, features 40 motors for more feedback compared to the x16’s (you guessed it) 16. That could make all the difference in terms of experience, though the x16 is expected to last longer on a full charge (22 hours compared to 18) thanks to the smaller number of components.

Bear in mind that we haven’t tried the Tactsuit for ourselves yet, so we can’t speak to its actual quality. We’re hoping to get a review unit to bring you full impressions in the near future, though.

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