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Best Of Virtual Reality: 7 Great Apps For Golf, Movies, Ping Pong, Fishing & More

Best Of Virtual Reality: 7 Great Apps For Golf, Movies, Ping Pong, Fishing & More

Our new Best Of Virtual Reality series highlights some of the best places in VR.

We’ve made seven initial selections based, where we could, on first-hand visits to venues in virtual reality. We recently recognized standout places released widely in 2022, including Vertical Robot’s visual powerhouse Red Matter 2 and the playful swinging in What The Bat? You can also find great games in all the lists below:

With our Best Of Virtual Reality series we wanted to try a slightly different approach to recognizing the top places in VR. Here we’re aiming to highlight specific destinations and things to do in VR. This is just a start and we plan to recognize more places over time with UploadVR’s Best Of Virtual Reality series updating throughout 2023 and beyond. We’ll generally make our selections geared toward places a VR headset owner is likely to be able to visit quickly. We also want to recognize standout limited experiences as well as those that give you reasons to go beyond the most basic home VR hardware setups. Note that UploadVR’s demos in VR can sometimes occur in pre-release software or hardware, or in controlled demos which may differ from the general experience of paid patrons, and our schedules might have missed a connection with a particularly strong contender for a specific category as well. We’ll note the date of major updates to our lists and you can email with information about interesting places popping up in virtual reality.

For the latest you can check out our regular UploadVR Showcase streams, our weekly VR Download livestream discussions or podcast, and our daily articles with new trailers, interviews, tours, gameplay, and details about new virtual worlds.

Best Movie Theater


You can watch Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, and YouTube with others using Bigscreen. The remote desktop app lets you share and use your desktop in VR while a video player brings in your own files. You and a friend can also rent a movie to watch together from Bigscreen’s available library. Bigscreen’s theater designs range from rooms in simulated homes, like the relaxing Residence environment, all the way up to our favorite theatrical experience — the Grand Cinema — with its roomy stadium seating and subtle reflections of light from 2D or 3D content illuminating your surroundings.

You can find Bigscreen free on Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro, or Steam. Access your own content, stream with others, or rent movies for around $4 per person.

Best Personal Display

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop serves a virtual display for so you can enjoy movies and games from your PC or Mac. For standalone headsets with access to the most capable gaming PCs and WiFi connections, Virtual Desktop can even stream PC VR games like Half-Life: Alyx or Boneworks. Modern Apartment Night is a lovely environment for viewing your personal content, with a beautiful skyline visible out the window, but we’re also partial to the Personal Theater with its centered seating and gigantic screen.

You can find Virtual Desktop from Guy Godin on Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro, Pico, typically $19.99, and SteamVR headsets typically $14.99.

Best Ping Pong Or Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis

The physics in Eleven Table Tennis are carefully fine-tuned. There are mini games available and you can adjust a number of settings for either solo or online play. Ranked matches can lead to intense competition and advanced players might check out 3D-printed paddle accessories to hold tracked controllers. The Studio environment is brightly lit and a joy to play in but also be sure to check out the Chalet with its big windows and snow-capped mountains visible in the distance.

You can find Eleven Table Tennis on Steam, Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro and Pico, typically $19.99, with cross-platform play supported. There’s an active Discord group for the official community with players organizing play sessions and even lessons.

Best Golf Course

Pebble Beach – Golf+

Developers see Golf+ as complementary to the physical sport. In late 2022, the addition of the famed links at Pebble Beach paid add-on provides a specific destination many golfers will want to try. In 2023, Golf+ begins a multi-year partnership with the PGA Tour aiming to let fans play with friends on the same course as the pros in real-time. Players should be able to see simulated pro shots fall across their course immediately after they happen in the physical tournament.

You can find Golf+ on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, and also on PC for Rift and Rift S, typically $29.99. Pebble Beach Golf Links is typically an $11.99 add-on and Pinehurst No. 2 is available as a separate purchase as well.

Best Mini Golf Course

Labyrinth – Walkabout Mini Golf

Each of Labyrinth’s 18 holes of Walkabout Mini Golf is taken straight a scene in the classic 1986 Jim Henson film. Walkabout Mini Golf’s Labyrinth is like a theme park starting at the entrance, winding across the Bog of Eternal Stench and ending near the mind-bending staircases. The course at night captures the atmosphere of Jareth’s masquerade ball and there’s a full-size maze to get lost in as well. Labyrinth comes packaged in Walkabout’s infinitely replayable mini golf format, including 18 hidden balls to find during the day and a scavenger hunt at night.

You can find Walkabout Mini Golf from Mighty Coconut on Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro or Steam, typically $14.99. Each paid add-on course, including Labyrinth and Myst, is typically $2.99. Play on your own or bring in other Walkabout players free with the guest pass. Score below par during the day to access the night course with more challenging holes.

Best Fishing

Yosemite – US – RealVR Fishing

RealVR Fishing can satisfy those looking for both hard and easy catches with breath-taking watering holes to pull fish from. Locales in the US West region, like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, offer incredible sights to take in with steep cliffs nearby, birds flying overhead and bears near the water. Japan-based fishing holes were recently added as well with locations like Mount Fuji and Matsumoto Castle represented. The developers support YouTube for music or videos in-world, so pull up a chair and find someone cool to spend time with listening to music at your favorite fishing hole.

You can find RealVR Fishing on Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, typically $19.99. The developers say in 2023 some of the US West locations and Japan fishing spots and their additional fish species will be made accessible to all RealVR Fishing players.

Best Magic

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic

Magic is in the air in Waltz of the Wizard with your gestures and voice commands ready to summon surprising spells. Get a feel for this playground with controllers in hand and then try the entire game with hand tracking on supported headsets. Recognized gestures, like a slingshot drawn between your fingers, can be an absolute joy to use. Overall, Waltz of the Wizard is the best piece of software to use to feel what it’s like to have magic in your fingertips.

You can find Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic for Quest, Quest 2, and Quest Pro, typically at $19.99, and it is on Steam as well.

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