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The Best Videos And Trailers From This Week

The Best Videos And Trailers From This Week

We’re getting near the end of the year and that means a slew of product releases. Not surprisingly, games were big this week, and it’s obvious that folks are excited to play Skyrim, LA Noire, Doom, and all the other big games coming to VR soon.

Skyrim PSVR

Are you ready to scream Fus Roh Dah in virtual reality?

LA Noire: The VR Case Files Gameplay Teaser

Collect clues, interrogate suspects and solve cases in post-war Los Angeles. Tal got a chance to play it this week, so be sure to check out his LA Noire hands-on impressions.

DOOM VFR PSVR With PS Aim Controller Gameplay

David got a chance to try DOOM using the Aim full a fully-immersive experience.

Playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in VR Using Bigscreen

Ian and David went looking for that elusive chicken dinner in Bigscreen.

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE Trailer

More intense, demon-fighting action is coming to the Rift and Vive soon.

New PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial

Either a lot of you just got a PSVR and you’re looking for how to get it up and running or you’re hoping to get one soon!

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