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Beat Saber Has Sold 2 Million Copies, 10 Million Paid DLC Songs

Beat Saber Has Sold 2 Million Copies, 10 Million Paid DLC Songs

Today Beat Games revealed that Beat Saber has reached 2 million copies of the game itself sold, plus 10 million paid DLC songs sold.

This is a big number to publicly reveal. Beat Games revealed the accomplishment on Twitter, thanking players for “being part of our journey” to this point.

Notably, Beat Games was acquired by Facebook late last year, but the game continues to function normally on non-Oculus headsets as well. Just today, they announced the next paid music pack which will feature five Timbaland tracks. This paid DLC pack will join collections from artists such as Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, and many others.

Two million copies is a lot, especially for a VR game, and we’re assuming that a big portion of its success is tied to the fact that it’s available on every major platform and has received a major marketing push from Facebook for the Oculus Quest version. Many games on Quest are cross-buy with their Oculus Rift counterparts, but Beat Saber is not one of them. Users must purchase the game twice if they want it on both their PC VR headset and on the Quest. Then a third time if they want to play it on PSVR.

We’re curious to see what the future of Beat Saber looks like. It’s clearly still one of VR’s most popular and well-known games and with Facebook’s Horizon social app coming soon the two platforms could combine together in enticing ways.

What do you think of the news regarding Beat Saber’s new sales figures? Let us know down in the comments below!

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